The Ed Sheeran Experience

The Ed Sheeran Experience

The River Rooms


28th March 2024 at 19:30:00


Doors open 7:30pm
Show starts 9:30pm
Jack Shepherd is an exceptional impersonator... traveling worldwide to perform an amazing live replica of Ed Sheeran’s live shows.

Jack is, as Ed Sheeran a multi-talented musician, a full one-man band. The Worlds ONLY Ed Sheeran impersonator to actually recreate a full live performance. The similar looks, the same age and even down to the same shoe size(!) improve the whole experience.

There are NO backing tracks during the show. A packed show, full of live looping, rapping, beat boxing and light effects. Jack performs at a vast range of events and occasions. From renowned festivals,theatres, holiday parks, corporate events and private functions. Highly emphasized throughout the media, having appeared on Capital FM, Kiss 1oo and the BBC and featured in The Metro, The Daily Star, and many more With a big stage presence, and relaxed, laid back attitude. Jacks control over the stage and audience is like no other. Jacks aim is to ensure everybody receives the full Ed Sheeran experience.
Car parking - if parking on the large Greggs carpark, please enter your registration number into the tablet at the main entrance to avoid receiving a fine.

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